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Discover Thailand at your own pace…

SLOW JOURNEYS MAKER is a blog providing trustable advices to those willing to tailor make their journey to Thailand on a individual basis and on a slow pace.



Since my first travel experiences when I was 17, I always selected one destination (never more than one single city or one single region) and always spent enough time in it, so that I could appreciate its rhythm at my pace. I love to immerse myself in other’s life, culture, habits and I love being integrated, being part of other’s life for a while…

I clearly make the difference between ‘vacation’ and ‘journey’… Spending vacation somewhere on a beach doesn’t require any organization… Such a trip can be easily purchased online and doens’t require any advices… An impulsive wish, some days off, and that’s it…

But discovering another destination, learning from another culture, meeting other people and environment needs preparation… One must read, one must make choices, one must select, plan, organize, decide…

It is not likely to find relevant advices from the travel agency behind the corner… Travel agents in Western countries haven’t travelled the whole world through. They are travel agents, not globe-trotters… Most of the time, they are generalists, selling destinations featured in catalogues, where they probably have never been before.

One can of course consult Ineternet or read books and build up a journey based on that. But if guide books and Internet give tons of tips, are these tips totally trustable? Furthermore, neither the net, nor guide books endorse any responsibility in case the journey of your dreams turns out badly


What is true? What is worth? What helps? What is the right price? What is the right moment? Not easy to make a choice… Only bona-fide and trustable local experts, knowing perfectly their own destination can be the right advisors. All destinations evolve, hotels change, reputed places yesterday can be spoiled today… Unkown spots yesterday can be worth visiting today…

Who else than local experts can follow-up this evolution?



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